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Year 2003

December 2003

Dec.10th 2003, the government foreign capital fund bureau approved to set up eHealth China(Xiamen) Technology Co.,LTD, which is fully owned by eHealth China,Inc.


Dec. 15th 2003,Xiamen industry and commerce bureau awarded the corp. legal business license to eHealth China (Xiamen) Technology Co.,LTD.


Dec.27th 2003, the whole staff in eHealth China(Xiamen) Technology company held a new year celebration in the egret park, all people attended in Karting competition, and company awarded annual best employees and other rewards for employees.

November 2003

Nov 25th 2003, Dahai Sun, the vice director of Xiamen Government Technology Development Area Bureau with eHealthInsurance US CTO Sheldon Wang held a signature ceremony in the meeting room of Xiamen Government Technology Tevelopment Area Bureau, with officially signing on the memorandum for supporting risk investors engaging in software development in Xiamen which was proposed by eHealthInsurance Inc.

October 2003

Oct.10th 2003,eHealthInsurance US CTO Sheldon Wang with Bureau of Xiamen software park negotiated for investing in software development affairs in Xiamen.


Oct 31th 2003, the whole stockholders agreed with the investment plan in China, after that,the board of directors authorized with lawyer to register and set up eHealthInsurance China, Inc. which is the original body of investment plan in China.


Oct. 2003, eHealth China, Inc invited the biggest lawyer firms Baker&McKenzie to engage in the legal affairs of the registration company in Xiamen, China.

September 2003

Sep.5th 2003, eHealthInsurance president Gary Lauer and CTO Sheldon Wang visited Xiamen again. On the same day, they were interviewed by journalists from Hongkong business newspaper, Haixia leading newspaper, Xiamen business newspaper and Fujian daily newspaper.


Sep.5th 2003, eHealthInsurance US president Gary Lauer and CTO Sheldon Wang with whole staff in China technology center held a big banquet in Crowne Plaza Harbour View Hotel in Xiamen city .

August 2003

Aug.18th 2003, eHealthInsurance China technology center successfully developed eHealthInsurance RRS(Revenue Recognition System),which was belong to financial management system and was one of the most significant data origination in annual financial report. China development center finally successfully made the initial RRS products through almost 10 months' great hard works.

July 2003

July 19th 2003, eHealthInsurance China technology center successfully developed internal website, with advanced equipment and software from CISCO and DELL, such intensified system has been met the data safety requirements of eHealthInsurance US, and made a big progress in sharing customers dynamic status data and coordination development website in environmental protection aspect.

May 2003

May 15th 2003, eHealthInsurance China technology center held champagne party to celebrate that the eHealthInsurance whole operation team obtained a big profit. Both engineers in Xiamen and in Silicon Valley shared such great happiness.

April 2003

April 5th 2003, eHealthInsurance China technology center held a big celebration for two years anniversary in Huandao Road Holiday coach, Xiamen city.

March 2003

March 5th 2003, eHealthInsurance executive vice president and CTO Sheldon Wang cooperated with eHealthInsurance sales and service vice president Robert Hurley, eHealthInsurance legal vice president Bruce Telkamp visited Xiamen, announcing to build eHealthInsurance China customer service center. On March 11th initial customer service managers engaged in eHealthInsurance China technology center and began to support on line long-distance consulting service for American customers in Xiamen, China.